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Medical Faculties:

1.Faculty of General Medicine
2.Faculty of Dentistry
3.Faculty of Pharmacy
4.Faculty of Postgraduate education
5.Faculty of Nursing

Maritime Faculties

1.Faculty of automatics
2.Faculty sea ship navigation
3.Faculty ship navigation and operation of the specialized courts
4.Ship mechanical faculty
5.Electromechanical faculty
6.Faculty of radio electronics
7.Faculty on job with the foreign cadets

The Faculty of Mining and Geology:

Construction of the mines and the underground structures
3.Geoinformatics and geodesy
4.Minerals Prospecting
5.Technology and Machinery in Geologic Prospecting
6.Mine Surveying


The Faculty of Mining And Electrical Mechanics:

1.Minerals Concentration
2.Mining Electrical Engineering and automation
3.Mining Transportation
4.Mining and Lifting devices
5.Mining Machines
6.Mining Hydro-lifting Devices and Hydraulics
7.Higher Mathematics
8.Theoretical Mechanics

The Mechanical Faculty:

1. Machine-Building Technology
2 Metal cutting systems and Instruments
3. Basics of Machine Designing
4.Mechanical Equipment of Ferrous Metallurgy Plants
5.Resistance of Materials
6..Welding Technology & Equipment

7.Mechanical Engineering


The Energy Faculty:

1.Electrical Stations
2.Electrical machines
3.Electrical Supply for Industrial Cities
4.Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Devices
5.Electrical Systems and Networks
6.Theoretical Basics of Electrical Engineering


The Faculty of Computer Information Technology and Automatics:

1.Automation and Telemechanics
2.Automated Systems of Control
3.Industrial Electronics
4.Physical Training
5.Software for Automated Systems (M)

 The Faculty of Chemistry and Technology:
1.General Chemistry
2.Chemical Production Machines and Apparatuses
3.Non-organic Matter Technology
4.Physical and Organic Chemistry
5.Chemical Technology of Solid Fuel